About Globegate

Web hosting with Globegate is the perfect way to get started on the world wide web or to operate a low-cost but high-quality web site for your business.

All Globegate web hosting packages are equipped with everything a small business or a large organisation might need. They are also ideal for any value added reseller who wants to maintain customers web sites without having to hassle with an entire web server or an expensive connection.

We specialise in providing an internet presence for businesses of all sizes. Our web design services range from single page creation (business card) to hundred page websites.

Globegate Business Accounts
Globegate Business Accounts are ideal for companies, schools, government offices, clubs, and non-profit organizations. While a Business Account is required for any activity in support of a business or organization, it also accommodates personal use. The right decisions are always easy!

Everyone's an ISP now. So whom do you trust for fast, reliable Internet access? Those guys with a couple of modems and PC in their garage? An online service where you have to get in line before you can get online? Get serious.

You need Globegate. We've been around, know what we're doing, and try to do it better than anyone. If you're serious about your Internet connection, you need a provider who is, too. Unfortunately, most ISPs have forgotten that ISP stands for Internet Service Provider. Anyone can provide Internet access. But nobody provides it with the kind of quality Customer Service you'll appreciate with Globegate.

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